Frequently Asked Questions – General

Why do I pay dues to more than one association?

Barton Creek North is divided into 11 different neighborhoods, or subassociations. The Master Association oversees maintenance and irrigation of common areas, handles all architectural issues from new construction to landscape modifications, and oversees all improvement projects.

Each subassocation is responsible for maintaining their own internal common area landscaping, mailboxes, gates, lighting, and in some cases, roadways.

Who is my subassociation manager?

Who do I call for information related to access gates?

Gates are maintained by the individual subassocation manager. This includes all maintenance and issuance of temporary gate codes or distribution of other access devices.

Who maintains the common areas and entryways along Barton Creek Boulevard and Lost Creek Boulevard?

Barton Creek North POA is responsible for landscape maintenance and irrigation of all areas from Bee Caves Road to Lost Creek Boulevard and the areas at the Foothills on Lost Creek Boulevard through a maintenance agreement with Travis County. This includes landscaping all entryways, mowing of turfed areas, daily trash pick up and dead animal removal.

Neighbors are asked to please report any irrigation malfunctions as soon as possible to 866-473-2573. Travis County is the governing authority for roadways, guardrails, and the bridge.

What is the approval process for making improvements to my property?

All properties in Barton Creek North were developed with very stringent deed restrictions. Plans for any improvements, additions, or modifications must be presented to the Master Architectural Committee to ensure compliance with these deed restrictions.

The approval process typically takes four to six weeks from the date plans are submitted. There are various fees and deposits required as well.

For Master Association Board and Committee meeting information, please contact Rebecca Jones at 866-473-2573 or by email at [email protected]

Who do I call about construction activity in my neighborhood?

Builders and contractors in Barton Creek North are expected to keep their jobsites in order and keep discarded materials off of adjoining lots. Fines may be implemented against property owners when construction guidelines are not followed.

To report problems with jobsites, please contact Rebecca Jones at 866-473-2573 or by email at [email protected]

What is the signage policy in Barton Creek?

Barton Creek North requires the use of standard semi-permanent signs for each property.

Open House signs may only be posted on Sundays and careful attention should be made to avoid destruction of landscaping. Unapproved signs will be removed and discarded. F

or more information on signage, please refer to Signage Policy For any other questions, please call Rebecca Jones at 866-473-2573 or by email at [email protected]

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